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The Doe Report Help Basics
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The Basics

The Doe Report is the internet's leading provider of medical demonstrative evidence and the fastest growing web site exclusively serving the medical-legal community. Updated daily, this web site contains the largest, most relevant collection of medical demonstrative evidence you will find anywhere online, including medical exhibits, animations, medical illustrations, anatomical models, DVDs, and medical literature research reports.

If you are new to our site and are eager to use our Content in your practice or business, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with a few of the basic features.

Medical Exhibits Medical Exhibits: Highly relevant graphics depicting today's most common tort law topics. Can be customized.* Med. Illust. Stock Medical Illustrations: Detailed, textbook quality graphics designed exclusively for educating a lay audience. Can be customized.*
Anatomical Model Anatomical Models: Three-dimensional, high quality models representing every major body region, as well as pathologies, cellular processes and trauma.
Medical Animation Animations: Medical animations are superior for depicting events over time, such as mechanism of injury, physiology, and pathology, or for organizing large amounts of medical information. Can be customized.
4 Speeds Video 4 Speeds - Low Speed Vehicular Crash Tests: A 5 minute video that visually demonstrates key facts about rear impact automobile collisions, while dispelling four key myths concerning low speed impacts and injuries.  

All Medical Exhibits and Medical Illustrations conceived and developed by the staff of Medical Legal Art, the nation's leading provider of custom medical demonstrative evidence.

* All Medical Exhibits, Medical Animations and Stock Medical Illustrations can be customized by our staff for an hourly rate of $125, estimated in advance.

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