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Nasal Polypectomy - Medical Animation
This animation may only be used in support of a single legal proceeding and for no other purpose. Read our License Agreement for details. To license this animation for other purposes, click here.

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Nasal Polypectomy - Medical Animation
Nasal polyps are soft tissue growths in the lining of your nose. They may also grow in the air filled spaces near your nose called sinuses. Polyps may become irritated, swollen, or infected. They may grow large enough to block airflow through your nose. To treat your polyps, your healthcare provider may try medications, such as antibiotics, steroid spray, or allergy medicine. If medications don't work, your healthcare provider may want you to have the polyps removed. This procedure is called a nasal polypectomy. In this procedure, the surgeon will insert a thin tool with a camera on the end into your nose. Images from the camera will be sent to a video screen so that your surgeon can see the polyps. Then your surgeon will remove the polyps. After the procedure, your healthcare provider may ask you to use a saline rinse and other medication to help keep your airway open. Talk to your healthcare provider to find out more about nasal polypectomy.

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"It is my experience that it's much more effective to show a jury what happened than simply to tell a jury what happened. In this day and age where people are used to getting information visually, through television and other visual media, I would be at a disadvantage using only words.

I teach a Litigation Process class at the University of Baltimore Law Schooland use [Medical Legal Art's] animation in my class. Students always saythat they never really understood what happened to [to my client] until theysaw the animation.

Animations are powerful communication tools that should be used wheneverpossible to persuade juries."

Andrew G. Slutkin
Snyder Slutkin & Kopec
Baltimore, MD
"I wanted to thank you for the terrific job you did illustrating my client's injuries. The case was settled at the pre-suit mediation, and I believe a good part of the success we had was due to the medical legal art you prepared.

Your work received the ultimate compliment at the conclusion of the mediation. The hospital risk manager took the exhibit with them at the conclusion of mediation, and will be using it to train nurses on how to prevent bed sores..."

Steven G. Koeppel
Troy, Yeslow & Koeppel, P.A.
Fort Myers, FL

"It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend Medical Legal Art. We have used their services for three years and always found their professionalism, quality of work, and timely attention to detail to exceed our expectations. We recently settled two complicated catastrophic injury cases. One medical malpractice case involving a spinal abscess settled for 3.75 million and the other involving injuries related to a motor vehicle accident settled for 6.9 million. We consider the artwork provided by MLA to have been invaluable in helping us to successfully conclude these cases.

I highly recommend MLA to anyone seeking high quality, detailed medical legal artwork."

E. Marcus Davis, Esq.
Davis Zipperman, Krischenbaum & Lotito
Atlanta, GA

"You and your company are wonderful. Your service, turnaround time, quality and price were better than I could have asked for. Please add me to your long list of satisfied customers."

Robert F. Linton, Jr.
Linton & Hirshman
Cleveland, OH

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