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Biology: Chemistry in Biology: 04: Chemical Compounds - Medical Animation
This animation may only be used in support of a single legal proceeding and for no other purpose. Read our License Agreement for details. To license this animation for other purposes, click here.

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Biology: Chemistry in Biology: 04: Chemical Compounds - Medical Animation
MEDICAL ANIMATION TRANSCRIPT: Now that you've learned about atomic structure and elements, let's look at chemical compounds. A chemical compound is a substance made of two or more elements that are chemically bonded together in fixed proportions. Common examples are water and table salt. You've probably heard of H2O. That's a chemical formula for water. In the chemical formula for water, the little number slightly below the letter H for hydrogen is called a subscript. A subscript in the chemical formula tells you how many atoms of that element are in one unit of the compound. There is no subscript next to the O for oxygen. That means there's only one oxygen atom. We don't write the one. When there is no subscript it's understood that we mean one atom. So, H2O is the formula for one unit of water. The formula shows that a unit of water contains a fixed proportion of two atoms of hydrogen to one atom of oxygen. It's important to know that compounds usually have very different physical and chemical properties than the individual elements they contain. For example, although water is liquid at room temperature, the elements hydrogen and oxygen are gasses. The next compound we'll look at is sodium chloride, commonly known as table salt. Sodium chloride consists of sodium and chloride ions. Ions are charged particles because they have gained or lost electrons. How many ions of sodium are there in one unit of the chemical formula for sodium chloride? No subscript means there's only one sodium ion. And how many chloride ions? Again, there's only one. So, sodium chloride has a one-to-one ratio of sodium to chloride ions. Okay. The last example of a compound is glucose. A simple sugar your body cells use for energy. The chemical formula for one unit of glucose is C6H12O6. Here we can see that one unit of glucose has six carbon atoms and 12 hydrogen atoms. How many oxygen atoms does one unit of glucose have? If you said six oxygen atoms, you'd be right. In review, a compound is a substance containing the chemically bonded atoms of two or more elements. A chemical formula gives the proportional number of atoms or ions of each element in a compound. And the compound usually has different physical and chemical properties than the elements it contains. We'll explore how elements chemically bond together in the next video. [music]

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"For modern audiences, it is absolutely essential to use medical demonstrative evidence to convey the severity and extent of physical injuries to a jury. Your company's high quality illustrations of our client's discectomy surgery, combined with strong expert testimony, allowed the jury to fully appreciate the significance of our client's injuries.

We are very pleased with a verdict exceeding $297,000.00, far in excess of the $20,000.00 initially offered by the defendant. The medical demonstrative evidence provided by Medical Legal Art was an asset we could not have afforded to have been without."

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Illustrations can be purchased 'as is' or modified within hours and sent either electronically or mounted on posterboard. An illustration is worth a thousand words, as juries perk up and look intently to capture concepts that are otherwise too abstract. Start with good illustrations, a clear and direct voice, a view of the jury as 12 medical students on day one of training, and your expert testimony becomes a pleasure, even on cross examination. An experienced trial lawyer should also emphasize these illustrations at the end of trial, as a means of visually reinforcing key concepts covered.

As a treating physician, I also use these accurate illustrations to educate my own patients about their medical conditions. The Doe Report is an invaluable resource, and its authors at MLA have always been a pleasure to work with."

Richard E. Seroussi M.D., M.Sc.
Diplomate, American Boards of Electrodiagnostic Medicine and PM&R
Seattle Spine & Rehabilitation Medicine

"A few words about The Doe Report: recently in a brachial plexus injury case, we used an image from The Doe Report to demonstrate the injury. We downloaded the PDF file image, and were amazed at the quality. The hard copies that you sent were even more clear. As well, we could not have been happier when you customized the image and reversed the injury from the left shoulder to the right shoulder, which is where our client's injury was.

The speed and cost-effectiveness of the product made it the perfect tool for our purposes. We will use The Doe Report again in future cases."

Andrew Needle
Needle Gallagher & Ellenberg, P.A.
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Geoff Wells
Greene, Broillet, Panish & Wheeler
Santa Monica, CA

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