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Traumatic Injuries and Conditions Following Train Wreck - Medical Illustration, Human Anatomy Drawing
This image may only be used in support of a single legal proceeding and for no other purpose. Read our License Agreement for details. To license this image for other purposes, click here.
Traumatic Injuries and Conditions Following Train Wreck
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Traumatic Injuries and Conditions Following Train Wreck - Medical Illustration, Human Anatomy Drawing
This is a single custom exhibit board that includes a full representational figure of the client and several insets illustrating the various conditions of different sites at different dates.

The figure is of the anterior of an elderly man in jeans and the overlay of a stock skeleton image. There are pain flares at the sites that correspond to the surrounding insets of the damages.

The first inset is a film interpretation of the condition of the cervical spine and the four dates of the subsequent injections.

The second inset is the posterior of the right shoulder. It includes the injuries of a paralabral cyst, a superior labral tear, and a rotator cuff tear, as well as a label indicating injections.

The third inset is an image depicting the normal inner anatomy of a left ear with the major structures labelled and a label to indicate the injuries to the ear.

The fourth set in the bottom right are images of the anterior left shoulder. The top image shows the pre-operative condition of the left shoulder with subacromial impingement, AC joint arthropathy and a bone spur, and a rotator cuff tear. The second image shows the post-operative condition of the left shoulder with a subacromial decompression, suturing of the rotator cuff tear, and suturing of a bicep tenodesis.

The fifth set includes a pre- and post-operative condition image of the lumbar spine. The preoperative is a film interpretation with five dates of injections from L3 to S3. The post-operative is a film interpretation of the later discography procedure with disc decompression at L4-5 and L5-S1 and fusion instrumentation.

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What attorneys say about MLA and The Doe Report:
"A few words about The Doe Report: recently in a brachial plexus injury case, we used an image from The Doe Report to demonstrate the injury. We downloaded the PDF file image, and were amazed at the quality. The hard copies that you sent were even more clear. As well, we could not have been happier when you customized the image and reversed the injury from the left shoulder to the right shoulder, which is where our client's injury was.

The speed and cost-effectiveness of the product made it the perfect tool for our purposes. We will use The Doe Report again in future cases."

Andrew Needle
Needle Gallagher & Ellenberg, P.A.
Miami, FL

"For modern audiences, it is absolutely essential to use medical demonstrative evidence to convey the severity and extent of physical injuries to a jury. Your company's high quality illustrations of our client's discectomy surgery, combined with strong expert testimony, allowed the jury to fully appreciate the significance of our client's injuries.

We are very pleased with a verdict exceeding $297,000.00, far in excess of the $20,000.00 initially offered by the defendant. The medical demonstrative evidence provided by Medical Legal Art was an asset we could not have afforded to have been without."

Todd J. Kenyon
Attorney at Law
Minneapolis, MN

"There is nothing like a great graphic depicting the real nature and extent of a victim's injuries to get full value for your client. I use Medical Legal Art for mediations as well as trial."

Geoff Wells
Greene, Broillet, Panish & Wheeler
Santa Monica, CA

"Thank you very much for the great work on the medical exhibits. Our trial resulted in a $16 million verdict for a 9 year old boy with catastrophic injuries, and the medical illustrations definitely played key role in the trial."

David Cutt
Brayton Purcell
Salt Lake City, UT

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