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Mammography - Medical Animation
This animation may only be used in support of a single legal proceeding and for no other purpose. Read our License Agreement for details. To license this animation for other purposes, click here.

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Mammography - Medical Animation
MEDICAL ANIMATION TRANSCRIPT: A mammogram procedure use as low dose x-rays to view and detect changes in breast tissue. A woman's breasts are composed of glandular tissue, and ducts, fat, connective tissue, and blood vessels. A mammogram is a routine x-ray screening test for women over the age of 40, or for those with breast related symptoms, such as a lump or nipple discharge. Before your mammogram, make sure that your breasts and underarms are clean, and do not wear deodorant, since it may appear on mammogram x-rays as calcium spots. A screening mammogram is performed yearly, as a routine study for women over 40, when there are no symptoms related to the breast. A technician will begin by placing one of your breath between two specialized plates. The plates will compress to flatten your breast, so that the camera can get clear pictures of your breast tissue. You may feel some discomfort during the compression, but it will only last a few seconds. Then you will change position for a second picture, which will be taken from the side. This procedure will then be repeated on your other breast. You will get the results from your screening mammogram later, usually within a couple of weeks. A diagnostic mammogram is performed if a screening mammogram shows an abnormality, or if there are symptoms, such as a breast lump or nipple discharge. During a diagnostic mammogram, x-ray images are taken from different views, and an ultrasound may be performed. You will get the results from your diagnostic mammogram during your visit to determine the next steps.

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What attorneys say about MLA and The Doe Report:
"There is nothing like a great graphic depicting the real nature and extent of a victim's injuries to get full value for your client. I use Medical Legal Art for mediations as well as trial."

Geoff Wells
Greene, Broillet, Panish & Wheeler
Santa Monica, CA

"Our practice involves medical negligence cases exclusively. We have six attorneys and one physician on staff. We have used Medical Legal Art's staff for every one of our cases over the past 12 years and have found their services to be extraordinary. The transformation of medical records into powerful graphic images has without fail been handled expertly, expeditiously and effectively translating into superb results for our clients, both in the courtroom and in settlement. Every case can benefit from their excellent work and we unqualifiedly recommend their services. They are the best!"

Chris Otorowski
Morrow and Otorowski
Bainbridge Island, Washington

"Medical illustrations are essential during trial for any medical malpractice case. The people at MLA have the uncanny ability of creating medical illustrations that simplify the most complex of medical concepts and human anatomy to a lay audience. The exhibits of MLA allow experts to easily describe complex concepts and human anatomy in a manner that could not be done otherwise.

In addition, their custom illustrations show in great detail the extent of injuries suffered and the devastating effects they have had on the client's anatomy. These custom illustration can show, side by side, the body before and after a catastrophic injury. The effect of this juxtaposition is unmatched by any testimony that can be adduced at the time of trial.

Even jurors after trial have commented on the ease with which they grasp medical concepts and anatomy once the MLA exhibits were introduced and used by my experts. Even judges who have "seen it all" are thoroughly impressed by the detail and sophistication of the illustrations.

I would not want to try a case without them."

Lambros Y. Lambrou
New York, NY

"The Doe Report's Do-It-Yourself Exhibits program enables easy customization of complex medical exhibits at a reasonable expense and in a timely manner. Practically speaking, custom medical exhibits are no longer an unthinkable luxury, but a routine necessity."

Jack S. Cohen
Levy, Angstreich, Finney, Baldante & Coren
Philadelphia, PA

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