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مراقبة معدل ضربات قلب الجنين - Medical Illustration, Human Anatomy Drawing


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مراقبة معدل ضربات قلب الجنين - Medical Illustration, Human Anatomy Drawing
صورة طبية تبين جهاز مراقبة كهربائي خارجي لمعدل دقات قلب الجنين وبه ثلاثة أنواع من المخارج، متضمنا تقريرا مسموعا لكل دقة قلب للجنين، ويوضح العرض الرقمي دقات القلب لكل دقيقة، وورقة يتم طبعها بضربات القلب والانقباضات الامومية. ويبين شريط واقي للموجات فوق الصوتية حول بطن الأم الحامل.

تسلخ الابهر وتمزق مع دكاك قلبي
تسلخ الابهر وتمزق مع دكاك قلبي - exh6037_ara
Medical Exhibit
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What attorneys say about MLA and The Doe Report:
"Our firm was able to settle our case at an all day mediation yesterday and I am confident that the detail and overall appearance of the medical illustrations significantly contributed to the settlement. When we require medical illustrations in the future, I will be sure to contact [MLA]."

Noel Turner, III
Burts, Turner, Rhodes & Thompson
Spartanburg, SC

"I just wanted to let you know that after several days on trial, I settled [my client's] construction accident case for $4.5 million. Immediately after the jury was discharged, I spoke with several jurors who told me that they really appreciated the medical illustrations for their clarity in dealing with [my client's] devastating injuries. They also expressed their gratitude in being able to read from a distance all of the notations without difficulty. Obviously, the boards were visually persuasive. I am certain that this contributed to our successful result."

Michael Gunzburg, Esq.
Attorney at Law.
New York, NY

"It is my experience that it's much more effective to show a jury what happened than simply to tell a jury what happened. In this day and age where people are used to getting information visually, through television and other visual media, I would be at a disadvantage using only words.

I teach a Litigation Process class at the University of Baltimore Law Schooland use [Medical Legal Art's] animation in my class. Students always saythat they never really understood what happened to [to my client] until theysaw the animation.

Animations are powerful communication tools that should be used wheneverpossible to persuade juries."

Andrew G. Slutkin
Snyder Slutkin & Kopec
Baltimore, MD
"We got a defense verdict yesterday! Your exhibit was extremely helpful in showing the jury how unlikely it is to damage all four of the nerve branches which control the sense of taste."

Karen M. Talbot
Silverman Bernheim & Vogel, P.C.
Philadeplphia, PA

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