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This exhibit features a central female figure from the waist up, surrounded by boxed detailed enlargements of the key injuries. Central female figure with the skeletal structures, lungs and brain exhibiting the main injuries.\r\n-Facial and scalp lacerations with edema and blood in the nares nose \r\n-Left frontal vertical skull and frontal sinus fracture.\r\n-Left maxilla and maxillary sinus fracture.\r\n-Right sphenoid fracture.\r\n-(small) Intracranial hemorrhage with blood on the right falx.\r\n-Left occipital condyle avulsion fracture and hematoma.\r\n-Anterolisthesis of C3 on C4 and malalignment of dens-atlas, with ligament injury.\r\n-Displaced transverse process fractures on the left, L3 and L4.\r\n-Fractured anterior right ribs #3-6 with right middle lobe lung contusion and small pneumothroax.\r\n\r\n2. Detailed enlargement of the facial lacerations.\r\n3. Detailed enlargement of the left frontal facial fractures.\r\n4. Detailed enlargement of the cervical spine- neck injuries.\r\n5 Detailed enlargement of the rib fractures with associated lung injury.\r\n
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