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Item #: ANS11503
This 3D medical animation demonstrates future technology, where the nucleus of an oocyte (egg) is removed from an older woman and placed into a younger donor's enucleated cytoplasm. This animation begins with two eggs held in place with a pipette. A biopsy needle is inserted into the donor's egg, and its nucleus is removed from the cytoplasm. This process is repeated in the older egg. The older nucleus is then placed into the pervitelline space of the donor's enucleated egg, and a jolt of electricity symbolizes the fusion of the older nucleus with the donor's egg.
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Item #: ANS11503 — Source #: 1
As-Is: As-Is Animation - $999.00, MOV by instant download - $999.00, WMV by instant download - $999.00, MOV by email - $999.00, WMV by email - $999.00, MOV on DVD - $999.00, WMV on DVD - $999.00

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