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This stock medical exhibit depicts TMJ derangement with surgical repairs. The first illustration shows normal anatomy of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), including the zygomatic arch, TMJ disc and condylar head of the mandible in a lateral cut-away view. The second illustration shows the pre-operative condition, including a large bulbous articular eminence, deranged and folded TMJ disc and osteophytic ridges of the condylar head. The third illustration shows the first step of the procedure, in which a curvilinear incision approximately 6-7 cm is made in front of the left ear, extending up into the temporal fossa. The fourth illustration shows the removal of the bulbous articular eminence and osteophytic ridges utilizing a diamond abrader. The fifth illustration shows dissecting of the scarring in the anterior compartment and posterior retraction of the TMJ.
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