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This stock medical exhibit shows an endoscopic polypectomy with injury to the left orbit in a series of illustrations. The first illustration shows the position of a shaver in an anterior view of the intra-operative condition. The second illustration shows the position of the shaver in a lateral view of the intra-operative condition. The third illustration shows a step from a normal procedure, in which the instrument clears the ethmoid sinus near the left orbital wall, as seen in a coronal section of the head. The fourth illustration shows the initial injury, in which the shaver breaks through the bony wall, revealing an initial escape of orbital blood and fat. The fifth illustration shows the subsequent condition, in which a massive hematoma and increased ocular pressure are present. The sixth illustration shows the first step in a decompression procedure, in which multiple incisions are made in the left eyelid in an effort to relieve the ocular pressure. The seventh illustration shows the decompression of the hematoma. The eighth illustration shows the post-operative condition of the left eyelid.
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