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This stock medical exhibit portrays a left tarsal tunnel release with plantar nerve neurectomy in a series of illustrations. The first two illustrations show the pre-operative condition, which includes a bulbous nerve stump (neuroma) in the foot and the distal portion of a transected accessory nerve. The third illustration shows the first step of the procedure, in which a posteromedial incision is made in the foot. The retinaculum is elevated off the tibial nerve and cut with a scalpel. The fourth illustration shows the exposure of the neuroma along the plantar nerve. A rent is created in the belly of the abductor muscle. The nerve stump is buried and sutured into the muscle. The fifth illustration shows the post-operative condition, including the cut retinaculum, the rebounded tibial nerve, the distal portion of the transected accessory nerve and the buried nerve stump sutured into the abductor muscle.
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