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Anatomy, Surgery, and Injury in motion
Anatomy, Surgery, and Injury in motion.
Add drama and visual excitement to any presentation through highly rendered 3D animation. Animation allows for realistic views of the anatomy from multiple angles and can follow the progression of a condition over time. Based specifically on your client's operative report and medical records, these cutting edge animations clearly represent the drama of surgical procedures. We have the world's largest staff of 3D medical animators on site. Our animators have specific degrees and training to allow them to work directly with your experts to prepare a truly accurate representation of the case facts.
Concepts in full-color and high drama
Concepts in full-color and high drama.
When stock resources are just not enough. Custom designed anatomical illustrations can highlight the specific structures or physiological mechanisms pertinent to your case. Our staff includes over seventeen specifically trained medical illustrators ready to assist you. Based specifically on your client's medical records, these illustrations will provide a realistic view of the damages sustained at the time of the original injury. Whether it's one injury or dozens, our illustrators can fashion the exhibits that best display the facts of your case. Working closely with you and your expert witnesses, our illustrators craft convincing presentations of concepts that are often left out of the medical records.
Dramatic film evidence for more impact
Dramatic film evidence for more impact.
Using either a simple added color or the creation of a detailed illustrated interpretation your case films can become the greatest evidence available to you. We offer a number of styles and techniques to meet any need and any budget. New digital imaging techniques an often allow for the creation of a 3D representation of the actual structures seen in CT and MRI studies. The stunning visual images that result will allow you to view serial films in a whole new way.

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