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Custom Anatomical Models From CT or MRI

Medical Legal Art is proud to announce its alliance with ProtoMED, offering attorneys custom anatomical models produced directly from your client's CT scan or MRI data. ProtoMED has over 10 years experience producing high quality three-dimensional anatomical models from radiological data. With products featured on Discovery Channel, Discovery Health, CBS and CNN, ProtoMED was recently nominated for the honor of the "Colorado Biotechnology Company of the Year."

The Products: Stereolithography is a computer driven process that creates precise models using lasers and epoxy resin. A computer controlled HeCd laser generates an ultraviolet beam, which travels across the surface of a vat of a photo-curable liquid polymer. The laser draws each cross section of the anatomy, one layer at a time. The photovoltaic energy from the laser polymerizes the epoxy instantaneously. The cured cross sectional layer is lowered into the vat of resin and the next layer is processed. Successive layers of the anatomy are built in .006 inch increments until the model is completed. Mono-color or 2-color options are available with the 2-color models allowing you to highlight specific regions or structures with a separate highlight color.

Pricing: The cost of a ProtoMED model is dependent on two components; amount of engineering time required to process the radiological data, and amount of machine time required to produce the model. The range of prices is from $1200 for a small bone model up to about $3000 for a pelvis, skull or partial spine for a stereolithographic plastic model. Lower quality plaster models are available for roughly 40% less.

Data Requirements: Radiological data must be provided in an electronic DICOM format. ProtoMED recommends studies with 1 mm increments in the scan, and the maximum allowable for modeling purposes being 3 to 5 mm increments. ProtoMED is willing to evaluate your data free of charge, to see if it will produce a quality model.

Feel free to call Medical Legal Art at 1.800.338.5954 or if you have any questions or need any additional information. We will be happy to put you in touch with the experts at ProtoMED to discuss your custom model needs.

For Details Call 1.800.338.5954 or

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